(a short version – updated June, 2016)

By Hyrum Smith, PhD, CFP®, CPA

Over twenty years ago, Denise Smith, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), CPA had a vision of creating an affordable, high quality, high service fee-only financial planning practice. Her overriding goal was to act as a fiduciary by “always doing what was best for the client”. Since founding Financial Planning Practice in 1994, she helped hundreds of clients plan for their financial future up until her retirement in April 2016.

In May 2015, Denise Smith turned over the care of her clients to me (no relation) who became owner of the firm. Like herself, I am a CPA and a CFP®. In addition, I have an MBA and Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning. Denise and I worked together for over a year which ensured a smooth transition and continuation of an affordable fee-only, high quality financial planning service model.

I have been involved in the personal financial planning field for almost 10 years (Bio). In 2013, I moved from Virginia to Utah to teach Personal Financial Planning classes within Utah Valley University’s (UVU) CFP® registered program. I work full-time managing Financial Planning Office but still teach Tax Planning and Retirement Planning at UVU, which has one of the top ten personal financial planning degree programs in the country and I am proud to be a part of it. Teaching these classes also puts me in a unique situation of always being on top of the most recent tax and retirement planning regulations and strategies to implement with clients. However, as much as I enjoy teaching and working with students, my real passion lies in using my years of financial training and skills (Bio) to help individuals and couples through thoughtful investing and comprehensive personal financial planning accomplish your financial goals.

I met Denise when she was the President of the Utah Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. I admired her fee-only, fiduciary, affordable practice that focused not only on providing sound investment advice but holistic financial planning services designed to help clients accomplish their goals. She admired my in-depth knowledge of investing, tax, retirement, financial planning and desire to always put individuals’ needs first. When Denise discovered I wanted to build a financial planning practice and she informed him that she was in need of a successor, we started talking about our mutual goals. And, like the true planners we are, we carefully made a plan so that the Financial Planning practice will continue to help clients plan for their future for several more years to come.

I understand that our business is all about trust. I am a fiduciary and my overriding goal is to always do what is best for the clients. We at Financial Planning Office strongly believe that we are best situated, through sound investment management and comprehensive financial planning, to help you accomplish what is most important to you. You will find that we are not only very knowledgeable but also transparent, honest, easy to understand, and care about our clients. We would be happy to help you.