Planning Your Financial Future

Financial Planning Office is a true financial planning firm. We take a holistic approach to your planning and help you determine where you are and where you want to go in all areas of your financial life, not just your investments.

We begin every Wealth Managment client relationship with financial planning.  We review your cash flow, cash reserves, income, and expenses.  We discuss your insurance coverage and estate planning.  Tax returns are scrutinized so we can understand your whole financial picture.

Because your retirement is the inspiration behind everything we do, we prepare one of the following retirement plans and then update it with you on a regular basis.

Retirement Savings Plan

  • Are you saving enough money for your retirement? Are you doing it the right way and in the right kind of tax deferred accounts? Should you use traditional or Roth 401ks and IRAs?
  • Projections are prepared based on your current investments, annual savings, rates of return, and inflation. “What if” I save more or retire sooner are easy to illustrate.

Retirement Income Plan

  • Will your money last as long as you live?
  • Are you withdrawing from the right accounts?

Projection is based on your pension and social security income, current investments, withdrawal needs, rates of return, and inflation. Specific recommendations are made on how to handle your cash flow from various sources in retirement, which kind of accounts to draw from first, and how to make your savings last.

You May Call Us With Any Financial Questions

If you have financial questions, please call us at no extra charge.We have an open door policy and can answer your questions about many financial planning topics. Hyrum will always be thoughtful and take a holistic approach to all your financial planning.

The old definitions of retirement are changing. So are approaches to retirement investing. Instead of turning your savings into just a draw down plan on the day you retire, research shows that you will need to actively invest throughout your retirement.
Hyrum Smith, PhD, CFP®, CPA