There are many benefits to hiring Financial Planning Office. We are fee-only fiduciary investment advisors. You will have a caring and experienced financial advisor watching over your portfolio. Your financial plan will be carefully reviewed every year. But most important of all, you will have peace of mind.

Financial Planning Office will help you –

  • Set realistic and achievable financial goals.
  • Consolidate and simplify your investment accounts.
  • Create a comprehensive financial and investment strategy.
  • Improve investment performance.
  • Reduce investment fees.
  • Access institutional mutual funds.
  • Create bond ladders for income.
  • Ensure adequate retirement savings and income.
  • Project the impact of earlier or later retirement age.
  • Decide when to start social security.
  • Manage lump sum pension distributions and IRA rollovers.
  • Invest an inheritance.
  • Accumulate money for education expenses.
  • Review your your insurance.
  • Evaluate annuities.
  • Minimize income taxes.
  • Preserve wealth using estate planning vehicles.
  • Become educated about financial issues.